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Test - Program - Star4

$12.00 for 1 test

Must not have passed any part of the STAR 6 freeskate assessment

Age: three age categories may be used: Under 10, Under 13, 13 and over

Free Skating Program to music of two minutes in length (plus or minus 10 seconds)

Individual elements plus Skating Skills, Performance, and Interpretation assessed to standard; skaters are ranked

Eight elements:

  • Five Jump Elements
    • all single jumps permitted including single Axel; no double jumps permitted
    • must include at least one single Axel; fully rotated single Axels will receive a bonus of three points (quality errors such as a Fall do not impact the bonus provided the full rotation requirement has been met); maximum of two bonuses applied per program
    • must include at least five different types of single jumps (note: waltz and Axel are considered the same type)
    • must include a single loop + single loop Jump Combination
    • maximum of one additional Jump Combination; maximum of two jumps in a combination
    • no Jump Sequences
    • no jump may be included more than twice
    • a repeated jump must be executed as part of a Jump Combination
  • Two Spins
    • backward Upright Spin
    • Combination Spin that has at least one Camel Position and one Sit Position and commences with a forward entry; no flying entry or variations of positions; change of foot optional
  • Forward Spiral Sequence: a sequence of two forward Spirals with no more than four Steps in between; one Spiral on each foot, unsupported position; on either inside or outside Edge