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Test - Program - Star2

$12.00 for 1 test

Must not have passed any part of the STAR 6 freeskate assessment

A program to music a maximum of two minutes 10 seconds in length

Individual elements plus Skating Skills and Performance assessed to standard 

Skaters may be grouped by age; no age restrictions

Nine elements:

  • Single Salchow
  • Single Toe Loop
  • Waltz Jump + single Toe Loop combination
  • Single Loop Jump
  • Single Flip or single Lutz
  • Backward Upright Spin
  • Forward Entry Sit Spin or Camel Spin with no change of foot; no flying entry; no variations of positions; forward Upright Spin is not permitted
  • Forward Spiral Sequence: a sequence of two forward Spirals with no more than eight Steps in between; one Spiral on each foot, unsupported position; on either inside or outside Edge
  • Forward Turn Sequence: forward outside Three-Turn + backward Crosscut + backward inside S step (i.e. step-forward); executed four times